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We listen, discuss, advise & support our clients on intellectual, administrative, financial & operational aspects of forestry…


We help private land & forest owners build healthy, resilient, biodiverse natural assets…


We fulfill the aims of long term management plans for creation, conservation & cultivation of land & forests…


Responsible Forestry for a Resilient Landscape

We’re professional silviculturalists, land managers and foresters caring for our natural environment on behalf of private clients. With a modern, future facing forestry outlook we’re working on the creation, conservation and cultivation of resilient, biodiverse and productive land and forest environments. Together with our sister company, English Woodlands Timber, we’re working toward a sustainable British wood culture.

We believe in trees and wood.

Land & Forest Consultations

A land & forest consultant is someone with experience, knowledge and expertise with whom you can discuss your visions, your ideas and plans to transform, cultivate and maintain your natural tree and land resources. Our small but perfectly formed team of professional forest managers are highly trained, extensively experienced and are thoroughly committed to their work.

Grant Funding for Land & Forest Management

Like land & forest ownership, land & forest management is a substantial, long term commitment to a programme overseen & grant funded by guiding authorities. Management is about looking after our landscape. It’s caring for forests & woodlands, working with them, not neglecting or abandoning them. Grant funding is provided to support land owners in this undertaking.

Land & Forest

Land & Forest operations are the physical works by our professional forestry teams, working by hand, with specialist equipment, using small off-road vehicles or with large plant machinery. This work is carried out to fulfill the aims of long term management plans for creation, conservation & cultivation of forests & woodlands.

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Be our Lead Forest Manager

Be our Lead Forest Manager

Are you an ambitious Forest Manager ready for a new challenge?

The Changing Landscape

The Changing Landscape

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A Resistant Elm on the Horizon

A Resistant Elm on the Horizon

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