woodland rides in pine regeneration.


Supporting woodland owners

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Professional services reflecting the investment, commitment & trust of our clients

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logstack at Parham Estate and leaves in focus rhs


Fulfilling the potential of a woodland

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timber lorry leaving the woods with logs to the sawmill

Timber Harvesting & Marketing

Realising income from timber

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Grown in Britain: The Movie

Here’s a great little film from Grown in Britain whom we’re proud to support. It gives a very clear of what Grown in Britain are all about.

Most recently the GIB team have completed a chain of custody verification that means everyone that gets licensed becomes part of a UK timber supply chain so our homegrown timber can be verified as legal and sustainable & large retailers, the construction industry, local authorities & government procurement policies can all now specify homegrown timber for their projects and actually buy our homegrown timber! It’s a big deal!

Find out more about getting your woodland, sawmill & wood products licensed.

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The RFS at Parham Estate

The Barnard Family of Parham Estate are used to troupes of visitors in admiring their house & grounds but went one step further in allowing our forester manager Andy to host an RFS visit to their woodlands, to explore the deer park and get up close and personal with their veteran Oaks.

The Royal Forestry Society are very active in connecting their members, sharing information and organising tours that provide opportunity for the exchange of ideas and learning. Find out more about joining the RFS


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Forest Operations: Bracken Control

Bracken. Wading through (& getting tangled in) 5ft deep bracken is no-one’s idea of fun but this time of year it’s hard to avoid if you want to get out in your woods. Not only is bracken a nuisance but it is has a detrimental effect on the development of young trees and the process of natural regeneration.

As an invasive species bracken requires control as part of a complete woodland management plan. If you need help with a rising tide of bracken get in touch with Tom or Andy who can create a programme of spraying for you.

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