Timber Harvesting

forwarder stacked with harvester in background at Barlavington.hi

An essential part of woodland management is the efficient conversion to cash of the standing timber when it is ready for sale. We maintain and cultivate timber markets for a whole range of round timber so that owners can be assured of competitive market prices.

For softwood species these are sold to woodfuel, chipwood, shaving bar, fencing and log mills. We can respond to short term market demands and specifications.

Our consistent engagement with these markets ensures that owners can benefit from this accumulated market contact without having to engage individually.

Hardwood species for milling are a more specialist market and we are able to draw upon our expertise as hardwood millers to maximise value. We rarely purchase hardwood timber from woodland we manage, preferring to market it to others or indeed by conducting formal tenders. Our ability to measure, grade and value hardwood parcels is however a valuable available service.

Broadleaved firewood remains consistently desirable.


Mechanised Harvesting

We operate our own Valmet Harvester and Forwarder to ensure quality of operations and control of work programming. At times of high demand we are able to draw upon other local contractors experienced in this work.

Our operators are fully trained Forest Machine operators and skilled in clearfells, first and intermediate thinnings.


Hand Cutting

Our Foresters are fully trained and skilled hand cutters able to tackle large dimension hardwoods and small diameter thinnings.


Marketing Services

We offer timber marketing as part of our complete project management operation or as a stand alone service for land agents or private owners.

The appropriate method of sale depends upon the parcel involved and an owners preference. Softwood parcels can be purchased standing but are more commonly worked on an outturn basis. Hardwoods are usually felled and presented at roadside for marketing.

Normally softwood parcels are purchased standing whereas hardwood is best presented at roadside for marketing.

The woodfuel market, incorporating biomass (woodchip) is placing substantial demand on the UK supply chain and is a potential market for any harvesting works. The current economic upturn has also resulted in strong demand for logs, bars and fencing grades of round timber. Well presented Oak logs will always command good interest from the marketplace.

Our specialist hardwood knowledge enables us to value hardwood parcels accurately. As a rule we do not sell to ourselves, maintaining arms length transactions.


To find out more about timber harvesting & marketing services get in touch via our enquiry form and one of our forest managers will get right back to you.