Tom Compton MD English Woodlands Forestry & Timber 2017

Tom Compton MICFor

Managing Director

Tom is the MD of the forestry and timber business and has been a forest manager in the South East of England for more than 20 years.

Whilst Tom’s desk is located at the timber mill, he’s usually to be found out in the woods with a handful of maps and a measuring sword.

Tom is a Professional Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and studied at Bangor University for his Forestry BSc.

Nina Williams English Woodlands Forestry 2017

Nina Williams MSc

Forest Manager

Before Nina came to us we knew her as a Woodland Officer, working on woodland conservation amongst other things, for the newly created South Downs National Park.

Now she’s working on behalf of our clients, bringing her unique experience and perspective on woodland management in S.E.England, not to mention expertise from an MSc Land Management and time as an Officer of the Royal Engineers!

Nina’s a project management ace. One of her most recent projects has been updating our management plans with accurate GIS mapping of client’s woodlands. She keeps us looking forward and steers us expertly and firmly into 21st century forestry.

Joined 2015

Thomas Simmons english woodlands forestry 2017

Thomas Simmons FdSc

Forest Manager

Thomas has joined the team as a Forest Manager with 8 years experience as an independent Forestry Consultant working for private woodland owners. He is a passionate forester, keen to bring dormant woodlands back into management and encourage healthy, vibrant woodland environments. He has a deep knowledge of woodland wildlife and biodiversity.

Thomas has a FdSc in Forest & Woodland Management from Plumpton College in East Sussex and is working towards his professional ICF membership.

Joined 2017

david funnell english woodlands forestry 2017

David Funnell

Senior Forester

David brings a wealth of practical experience and deep knowledge to our forestry team. He is a dedicated forester of serious work ethic, schooled by the old guard but definitely modern in approach. Now senior member of his small team David believes in passing on forest skills to future generations and to growing our British wood culture.

Always keen to embrace new technology and forest equipment, David is the principle, qualified operator of our JCB Forestmaster.

David has a Forestry Diploma from Plumpton College in East Sussex.

Joined 2002

Josh Diplock english woodlands forestry 2017

Josh Diplock


As the son of a farmer Josh is no stranger to land management. Now, as graduate from Plumpton College, he represents the next generation of forester and is already pursuing his chosen subject with energy, gaining qualifications. He is growing his experience in hand felling large diameter trees, procedure for fallen and windblown trees and as a professional tree inspector.

Josh has a Forestry Diploma from Plumpton College in East Sussex.

Joined 2015



Matthew Pepper

Plant operator

Thank goodness we have Matthew on our team! He’s usually to be found working alongside Keith on heavy forestry operations such as culverts & ditch making. road installation, pond creation and rhododendron clearance. Together they make short work of tough projects with a style & finesse that comes from loving what you do and caring about the woodland environment.



Team - Bruce


Forwarder Operator

This is Bruce, operator of the timber forwarder, who works with Yogi on tree harvesting operations. He moves & manages the felled trees to roadside so that timber lorries can take the trees on to sawmills, pulp mills, panel board manufacturers to name just a few.

Bruce & Yogi really come as a pair, they’re a team in the truest sense of the word and we’re lucky to have them with us.

Team - Yogi


Harvester Operator

This is Yogi, operator of the timber harvester. He works with Bruce on tree harvesting operations. He fells the trees, generally softwoods, for thinnings or for clear fells so that woodlands can develop, management plans can be maintained and useful timber can be marketed.

His harvester maybe the tool but he is definitely the brain behind it, making split second decisions on optimum use of the tree, to fulfil multiple specifications of customers, so that all those growing years weren’t for nothing.

Yogi & Bruce are a show stopping duo that we’re proud to have on our team.