Project Management

logstack at Parham Estate and leaves in focus rhs

Project management is the implementation of the management plan on behalf of a woodland owner. This phase begins once the management plan and EWGS five year grant contract is approved.

The first step is the production and presentation of an operational budget to be approved by the owner. Once signed off this is our formal instruction to proceed.

We do not necessarily have to have prepared the management plan to provide these project management services.

The work is undertaken by our employed forest operations team together with specialist sub contractors, managed and overseen by the forest manager.

Work is programmed seasonally and our service includes liaison with authorities, managing the budget, ensuring Health & Safety, recording progress and communication with the owner or land agent.

The operational budget includes both the generation of income and the incurring of cost. Normally we claim grant on behalf of owners and credit immediately to their account. When signing the grant contract owners are given the opportunity to direct this payment as they wish. Likewise where income is generated from timber sale we provide transparent information and timely self billing invoicing as part of the service.

To find out more about project management get in touch via our enquiry form and one of our foresters will get right back to you.