Woodland Management Planning

woodlands survey

Like woodland ownership, woodland management is a substantial and long term commitment to a programme undertaken with the aim of benefitting an individual woodland’s  biodiversity, amenity and financial value.

Our professional management planning service enables owners to realise their ambitions guided by our many years of experience. The planning process is based on a thorough woodland survey. This enables a twenty year vision to be formulated together with a five year operational programme. The length and depth of a management plan is dependent on the size and complexity of the wood.

The UK Woodland Assurance Scheme and established government forest policy forms the background to planning decision formulation. Indeed the prepared plan is submitted to the Forestry Commission (FC) for approval.

Once completed, the plan itself serves as a practical tool to schedule the work  to achieve the management objectives. Detailed maps are prepared that form an easily understood visual template. This way it’s possible for the owner, or any funding organisation, to be able to monitor progress.

The most common route to woodland management planning is for an owner or land agent to instruct us to undertake a plan on their behalf. Prior to submission to the FC we normally welcome owner review of this draft plan.

This is the beginning of a what we would hope to be a long, rewarding relationship between an owner, a woodland manager and the woodland.

The preparation of management plans is supported by the FC through the English Woodland Grant Scheme “Woodland Planning Grant”.

To find out how we can help you with your woodland management plans get in touch via our enquiry form and one of our forest managers will get right back to you.