Woodland Conservation Works

hazel coppice at Barlavington

All woodlands have areas of natural habitat whether it be old coppice, open ground or internal ride edges. These areas are rich habitat for native plant, insect and animal species but need managing to maximise their potential.

As part of our management planning we would identify programmes to manage these areas to enhance biodiversity.

Coppicing woodland understorey is a very satisfying operation reinvigorating hazel and chestnut stools. Well grown chestnut can be cut commercially and in some woodlands is the dominant silvicultural system.

Woodland Rides well managed not only present woodlands very well but provide valuable internal edge habitat. Suggest link to ideal ride edge management profile.

Open ground within woodlands is encouraged to provide variety of habitat. On suitable soils Heathland is the natural state and restoration/management is often the most suitable course.

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Operations include:

Coppicing,  Ride edge improvement & management,  Heathland restoration