Restocking – Planting

restocking after clearfell and groud prep

Restocking by planting may be part of a woodland creation project, or a step in an existing management plan.

The choice of species to restock with is guided by soil type, owner preference, woodland designation and forester advice. Suitability of species to soil type is the most critical factor but where woodland has an Ancient Woodland designation and conifer has been the previous species (PAWS) there is a presumption to restock with Broadleaves. Owners can opt to restock with conifer but are not eligible to claim grant aid.

The quality of transplant and provenance is essential to the long term performance of the stand. We liase with leading tree nursery’s to ensure this quality.

In the South East Region many of our woodlands are designated ancient or ancient semi natural woodland. Through the 1960’s forestry policy was to clear broadleaves or convert heathland to productive softwood timber. These Planted Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) are now ready for felling providing opportunity to reassess species suitability.

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Image of conifer/hardwood trees established