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Thomas Simmons

“When you’re on a woodland walk with a client & you both realise you’ve achieved the vision…”

Thomas Simmons

Thomas Simmons

Forest Manager

FdSc, MICFor
Based in S.E.England
Joined 2017

Thomas is a passionate Forest Manager with a special interest in bringing dormant woodlands back into management, encouraging new woodland owners to engage in conservation practices to restore woodlands to healthy, vibrant, biodiverse environments.

About Thomas…

Thomas is a passionate Forest Manager with expertise in conservation but he’s also skilled in planning, produces high quality grant applications & is a sensitive land manager. He has a lot of experience with small woodand owners and has overseen countless successful endeavours to bring dormant woodlands back into management.

He has a deep knowledge of woodland wildlife and biodiversity.

Thomas joined the team as a Forest Manager  in 2017 with 8 years experience as an independent consultant working for private woodland owners.



Tom’s biog, inc before forestry and since

Where did you go to school, what was your training, where do you live, have you got a family? do you prefer trees to humans? imagine you’re on Wikipedia… this is your forestry Wikipedia entry…


where Tom trained, who taught him, his forestry skills and other skills

  • grant applications
  • small woodland ownership
  • biodiversity
  • woodland conservation
  • butterflies & moths
  • fungi



Contact Thomas

Thomas is based at our East Sussex office

English Woodlands Forestry Ltd
Brownings Farm
Blackboys, Uckfield

T. 01825 890381
M. 0777 222444


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