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Joshua Diplock

“It’s important to me that farming & forestry go hand in hand.”

Joshua Diplock

Joshua Diplock

Forester & Arboriculturalist

FdSc & TechArborA
Based in S.E.England
Joined 2015

Josh is our in-house tree inspector. Growing up in farming Josh has land management in his veins. Now, as a recent graduate, he represents the next generation of forester & is already pursuing his chosen subject energetically. He is growing an expertise in the care of individual trees, with attention on health, biodiversity, safety & preservation.

Josh Says…

Being brought up on a farm it was natural for me to want to be working outside, enjoying our amazing countryside. As I grew up I began to realise that trees and woodlands play a massive part in our environment.

From this initial interest I developed a real passion for trees and how they work. I did my forestry studies at Plumpton and not long after that I joined English Woodlands Forestry.  Here what I do on a daily basis is all about having a positive effect on the land, forests, and woodlands across the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area.

Since 2017 I’ve been developing my knowledge of tree safety, tree health and tree retainment. I’m really enjoying being able to focus on single trees instead of just large groups of trees and trees en mass. Spending more time on individual trees is giving me a much deeper understanding of the tree but also the different species, the soils, the biodiversity, the climate, the diseases, the tree behaviours and also how they are in their environment.

My goal is to develop my knowledge of tree heath, tree safety and tree retainment and conservation and be able to offer a specialised tree consultancy to our clients. This is how I feel I’ll be able to have a greater, more positive effect on my immediate environment and I hope that will also be a small but positive contribution to the health of our planet.



I live on a small busy farm with my father and my brother on the outskirts of a small town called Framfield. As well as helping out on the farm whenever was possible, I went to secondary school at Uckfield Community Technology College, where I studied and completed my GCSE’s.
My studies continued at Plumpton College where I studied a level 3 in forestry and arboriculture, followed by a foundation degree in forestry and woodland management.
During my time studying level 3 I joined English Woodlands Forestry, learning and becoming qualified in basic forestry operations such as chainsawing, brushcutting, planting and spraying.
In 2017 I became qualified as a professional tree inspector alongside being a technical member of the Arboricultural Association I am able to deliver tree safety reports to clients.

Training & Qualifications

BTEC Level 3 extended diploma – 2014

Foundation Degree in science in forestry and woodland management – 2017

LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection – 2017

NPTC Award to climb tree and perform aerial rescue – CS38 – 2013

NPTC Award in chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting – 201 /202 – 2013

NPTC Award in felling and processing tree up to 380mm – 203 – 2014

NPTC Award in severing uprooted or windblown trees using a chainsaw – 302 – 2017

LANTRA Award in felling and processing tree over 380mm – 2017

NPTC Award in principles of safe handling and application of pesticides – 101 – 2015

NPTC Award in the safe application of pesticides using pedestrian handheld equipment – 151 / 152 – 2015

First aid course – 2018


Josh is an Arboriculture expert. His expertise is in the care of individual trees. Josh undertakes tree safety surveys and tree consultancy. He is also a highly skilled in our Forest Operations including hand felling trees, tree planting, protective fencing and chemical spraying.


Josh is also a quaified first aider.

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