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Alistair Bannister

“I enjoy the mixture of hands-on physical work and using hydraulics to achieve what is needed…”

Alistair Bannister

Alistair Bannister

Machinery Operator

Based in S.E.England inc Dorset & home counties
Joined 2018

Alastair is big on muscle power, and when that fails he likes to use hydraulics. He's got our groundworks & large tree felling under control.

About Alastair

Alastair is about strength and power. When it comes to ground works, nothing is beyond him. Give him a new forest road to build or a troublesome tree to fell by hand and he’s in his element.

It’s a prerequisite of the farming life to be undaunted by weather or workload and as that’s where Alastair learned his trade, running and maintaing a farm, this makes him a natural forester. Early mornings no problem. Heavy machinery, no problem. Understanding the ways of mother nature and her foibles, absolutely no problem.


I’ve always been on hand on the family farm in East Sussex where I grew up.

 Running and maintaining the farm and fulfilling my role here at English Woodlands Forestry is so similar it was a no brainer! I enjoy the work which is a mixture of hands-on physical work and using hydraulics to achieve what is needed.


Alastair has on site training of forest operations.


Having helped run and maintain a family farm Alastair’s lifelong experience is brought to the role with English Woodlands Forestry  He has the mix of physical know-how and mechanical know-how to be able to tackle most forest operations without blinking.


Alastair’s expertise is in ground work, forest track and road creation and hand felling of large trees

Contact Alastair

T. 01730 816941