Introducing Tom Simmons, our newest Forest Manager


This is Thomas (Tom) Simmons, the most recent addition to the English Woodlands Forestry team.


We’ve known him for a while as Makepeace Forestry, his company of 8 years. We’d often cross paths out in the woods, stopping to put the world to rights over a 5 bar fence every now and then until the light bulb moment when we decided to ask him aboard to support the growing business. With the addition of Tom we now have a 3 strong Forest Management team for clients to call on.


forest manager Thomas Simmons Makepeace Forestry English Woodlands Forestry

So who is he, this new Tom? Well, in his 8 years of private practice Tom has developed his own style and approach, enjoying the challenges of bringing woodlands into management whilst at the same time expanding his own expertise in areas of conservation, ecology and biodiversity.

If you were to ask him what his specialist subject is he would probably say “Forestry on a budget”. Tom has a wealth of experience with small, privately owned woodlands and clients who are new to the ins and outs of woodland management. He knows how to manage a forestry plan on a tight budget (Tom call’s it being ‘cash neutral’ ) using the available Forestry grants to their maximum benefit. He knows how bring a dormant woodland back into a healthy working state with sensitivity and longevity in mind.

If your woodland is currently dark and still and a little foreboding but you have dreams of spending weekends close to nature in beautiful woodlands that change with the seasons and bustle with wildlife then pick up the phone and talk to Tom. It’s what he does.

Tom Simmons is a true soul forester. Now he’s our soul forester.
You could make him yours…

Get in touch with Tom Simmons on

Mobile  07912 547 570
Office  01825 890 381




Thomas has an FdSc in Forest & Woodland management from Plumpton College in East Sussex and is working towards professional Institute of Chartered Foresters membership.

Tom provides Woodland Management services for game shoots or thinning programmes, estates or scout camps. As with all English Woodlands Forest Managers Tom will tailor his service to your suit your needs.

Tom’s knowledge base and services offered:

• Straightforward advice on available grant funding and production of grant application on client’s behalf for relevant Capital Grants for woodland improvement (e.g. infrastructure improvements, rhododendron control).

• Production of a grant funded Woodland Management Plan, approved by the Forestry Commission to set out the management objectives, details archaeology and ecology of the woodland with production of a step by step plan of action (to include 10 year felling license).

• Use of GIS software to accurately map woodland for precise measurements for harvesting and grant applications. For small woodlands to present clean, simple data. For larger woodlands to allow for greater transparency and representation of available data.

• Round timber sales & bio-fuel market knowledge i.e. measuring and marketing standing or felled round timber. Tendering and selecting/overseeing the buyer, ensuring client receives true worth of timber.

• Producing Tree Safety Inspection Reports removing client landowner liability from issues with dangerous trees.

• Sylva Foundation’s MYFOREST online system.

• Ecological and conservation services including experience working with European Protected Species such as Hazel dormice and Great crested newts, both of which are protected by law. Ensuring legal guidelines are observed and followed during forest operations.

• Production of professional ecological surveys for presence/absence of protected species following strict Natural England & Forestry Commission guidelines.

• Pond Habitat Restoration for recreation and conservation including production of professional habitat plan for amphibians and reptiles. Ensuring forest operations adhere to appropriate guidelines and take necessary precautions with spoil kits.

• Species and Habitat Conservation including particular knowledge of moth and butterfly environments.

• Production of surveys and reports of the presence of birds, bats, invertebrates, small mammals and amphibians to give clients insight into exactly what wildlife inhabits and uses their woodland and how to further encourage and sustain that wildlife presence.

• Enhancement of the woodland environment and creation of favourable habitats to encourage new life into woodland.

Want to know more? Got a question?

Tom will be happy answer questions and ask them.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with him:

Mobile  07912 547 570
Office  01825 890 381


tom simmons english woodlands forestry protecting frogs and toads in the woodlands tom simmons butterfly spotting in the woods tom simmons out with his kids spotting wildlife in the woodstom simmons our resident butterfly spotter found this on in the woods


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