Making a difference: The JCB Forestmaster

We’re very excited to show you this great video made by JCB on a brisk Autumn day out in the woods with us talking about ‘Donald’ our new Forestmaster, sourced by Donald McDonald so we thought we’d name it after him!

JCB filmcrew are with us in the woods today with our new JCB forestmasterworking it's way through the compartment David in the JCB forestmaster's making light work of itthe newJCB forestmaster is about to get itself our and about in the snow

Here’s Andy our Forestry Director and David, Senior Forester talking to JCB about how the new Forestmaster has saved time, increased productivity and added value to the business.

To find out more about the Forestmaster 325T compact track loader and our other forestry machines have a look at our machinery page HERE

or go to JCB’s website for more Forestmaster info.


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