Forestry Plant & Equipment

Beyond working with hand tools, power tools, rope and other small pieces of forestry equipment we also run large forestry plant machinery to accommodate and scale our range of operations.


The Timber Harvester

Komatsu 931.1 operating 360.2 head

This large and complex machine mechanically measure the tree diameter, fells the tree, cleans/removes branches and cross cuts the log to a specified length according to operator programming and round timber sales requirements.  In the hands of our experienced operator the mechnical harvester does the work of up to 10 individual chainsaw operators per day.

english woodlands forestry harvest and forwarder at work


The Timber Forwarder

Valmet 860 operating G28 timber grapple on double extension crane

This machine partners with the harvester. It collects the felled trees, enabling the operator to extract logs to roadside then organise this round timber safely and efficiently for onward transportation.  Our forwarder is equipped with forestry flotation tyres and driven by an expert operator to minimise ground disturbance.

english woodlands forestry timber forwarder at barlavington


The Mulcher

JCB 325t Forestmaster with HD fixed knife Serrat DCR mulcher  plus 7t winch & multi-purpose bucket

The name ‘Mulcher’ belies the capabilities of this amazing piece of kit whose uses are many and varied. Our custom JCB ForestMaster was built as the ideal machine for vegetation management in sensitive sites and sites that other machines can’t easily access.

We typically use our Forestmaster for plantation maintenance, ride restoration, removal of invasive species but it’s adaptability, coupled with our expert forestry team, makes it the perfect tool on diverse range of forestry tasks.

It’s key features are:

– skidsteer manoeuvrability;  it turns on its own axis in the tightest spaces
– ultra-low ground impact;  it’s wide rubber tracks to minimise ground pressure/       damage making it perfect for sensitive sites
– a 7t forestry winch;  allows recovery /timber extraction on awkward sites
–  a multi-purpose bucket;  for ride grading, creation and site clearance

forestmaster jcb mulcher english woodlands forestry

Hear how the JCB 325T is making a difference to our forest operations…



And last but definitely not least…


Yamaha ATV english woodlands forestryThe Quad

Yamaha Kodiak 600 EPS All Terrain Vehicle with CDax spray system & gear trailer

The ATV or ‘quad’ is indispensable in the woods for moving men, equipment and materials to the work site. It’s a small, lightweight and nimble vehicle that comes into it’s own for navigating more dense woodland environments. It’s extremely effective for spraying operations with it’s dual CDax sprayrider system which carries over 100L of liquid and can be rigged up for dual application for maximum efficiency.


NB. All our machines are fitted with state of the art trackers for security and eco-sensors for detection of nearby wildlife such as dormice and bats which makes us very happy foresters.