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Confor’s APF 2014

The CONFOR APF Show is largest exhibition of silviculture & arboriculture (let’s call it forestry shall we?) in the UK with over 270 exhibitors & 20,000 visitors across the three days. It is enormous! We know, we walked round it, and round it, …

APF show

The CONFOR APF Show is largest exhibition of silviculture & arboriculture (let’s call it forestry shall we?) in the UK with over 270 exhibitors & 20,000 visitors across the three days.

It is enormous! We know, we walked round it, and round it, and round it…

On the 18th, 19th & 20th September 2014 the Confor APF extravaganza took over a lovely little corner of Warwickshire called the Ragley Estate, Alcester which was just about do-able from Sussex so we decided to make the pilgrimage along with the rest of the world of forestry.

The draw of forest machinery in action and the chance to meet up with old friends and colleagues was worth the early morning (lets face it, we’re used to early mornings!) so we made a day of it ‘en mass’, Bruce & Yogi, Dave & Paul, Andy, Tom & Keith.

Only Keith had been before. The rest of the gang were not prepared for the abundance of fancy new chainsaw boots, magic labour saving gizmos and timber sport shenanigans on show, but it was a great opportunity to get up to date on all the new forestry technology & equipment in the industry. There’s no doubt about it, foresters love new kit.

Tom took part in a  Confor panel on woodland & timber certification in lowland UK in the Seminar Tent which is a pretty hot topic with the new Grown in Britain standard just out of the gate!

Here’s our day in photo’s, because words just aren’t enough when it comes to huge machines with teeth.

We started out at the Confor Tent (free tea & biscuits, why wouldn’t you!) and we found our friends at Grown in Britain

Grown in Britain are at the APF 2014

David, Tom & Paul fresh out of the four hour car ride and raring to go

Cocking Forestry at the APF in the Confor tent with Grown in Britain   

The Confor Twitter Wall was keeping everyone up to date with APF going’s on. We caught prolific forestry tweeter @andyheald announcing Tom’s certification panel as we walked by #forestersuk

That's us on the Confor Twitter wall!

Confor were encouraging passersby to ‘post’ the old fashioned way, with an ‘it’ note

Confor tent at the APF - the wall of post its APF 2014

Lots of opportunity to learn something new at the free seminars from Forestry Commission and Confor

Confor & Forestry Commission do seminars, there's lots to learn at the APF 2014

This one was on a hot topic concerning Round Timber Haulage and was hosted by the lovely Roland Stiven, Confor RT transportation maestro

Confor tent showing seminars at the APF 2014

Speaking of hauliers, look at the fantastic graphics on A W Jenkinsons vehicles, helping educate the public on what they’re doing with round timber & forestry. Beautifully clean too!

APF 2014 A W Jenkinson round timber haulier has amazing lorries

Telling the softwood RT story

APF 2014 A W Jenkinson graphics explain round timber haulage and forestry

Machines, makers, olympic sprinters running against timber sports athletes running up poles, automatically deflating and inflating RT lorry wheels, baby English trees in plugs ready for planting, tea kettles, armchairs, SmallWoods and an Exhibition of Wonderful things, what more could you want?!

harvester bling at the APF moving your round timber around APF 2014 more harvester bling at the APF these clark tracks look amazing - harvesters at the APF magic automatic deflation for round timber lorry wheels APF 2014 musmax timber hoover used for the rail industry APF 2014 it's a woodchip hoover APF 2014 little round timber trailer at the APF 2014 logs for milling on a small vehicle APF 2014 round timber hauliers have automatic deflation for wheels to stop damage of ground APF 2014 you don't see inside this bit of a harvester often becasue it's usually covered in mud & bark who doesn't want to see logs chopped up at the APF we love this harvester - show us the hills we love the gleaming round timber lorries at the APF timber sports team husquavarna running up and down logs all day long olympic champ 100m sprinter will race a lumberjack up a pole! getting ready for the timber sports race at APF 2014 here he comes - APF 2014 smallwoods association at the APF talking to owners tea kettles for the woodland workers APF 2014 a grown inbritain trail stop at the APF 2014 the tree everyone is talking about Sitka Spruce the forestry commission wooden bike the exhibition of wonderful things - they're not wrong APF 2014 woodraft in action APF 2014 woodcrafted wonders APF 2014 wood carving in action APF 2014 willow chair APF 2014 willow and hazel chair APF 2014 baby trees ready for planting in plugs APF 2014 baby trees at Alba Nursery tent APF 2014 choose your blanks people APF 2014 cleft Ash logs ready for the turning competition at the APF 2014 contemplate your turning blanks throroughly before choosing APF 2014 APF 2014 Stihl190914_643 copy APF 2014 Stihl190914_641 copy APF 2014 Stihl190914_640 copy the forestry commission wooden bike the wooden bike at the forestry commission tent a pole lathe and tent waiting for action APF 2014


So get your wells on and we’ll see you there in 2015?

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