Tom Compton, Ian McNally & Ed Compton

Tom Compton MICFor

Managing Director

Tom is the MD of the forestry and timber business and has been a forest manager in the South East of England for more than 20 years.

Whilst Tom’s desk is located at the timber mill, he’s usually to be found out in the woods with a handful of maps and a measuring sword.

Tom is a Professional Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and studied at Bangor University for his Forestry BSc.

alfie the forestry dog


Director for muddy puddles

Alfie is Tom’s partner in most endeavours. Like Tom, Alfie has to divide his time between both forestry and timber activities.

His forestry related skills are in assessment of rabbit, squirrel and deer activity with special attention to finding knee high muddy puddles and old bones.

Donald McDonald with large oak hand felled at Cowdray Estate

Donald McDonald

Non Executive Director

Donald is a Non-Executive Director of Forestry and comes to us, after 40 years tireless work as Head Forester for Cowdray Estate, to lend support for our forestry activities.

Donald has has been an excellent commercial forest manager and developed the Estate woodlands into a large business, taking on all facets of the work from establishment to harvesting and marketing.

It is this extensive experience across the South Downs area and his impeccable forestry knowledge that makes Donald such an asset to our business and clients.

We’ve always been glad to have Donald as a friend and now we’re thrilled to have him as a colleague.

Andy measuring oak at Parham copy

Andy Wright MICFor

Forest Manager

Andy is a forest manager, schooled in the ways of woodland management at Bangor (as was Tom) and then with the Forestry Commission. He works with Tom on management schemes and forestry operations.

Andy is a Professional Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and studied for his Forestry BSc at Bangor University.

Nina Williams professional forester at English Woodlands Forestry

Nina Williams

Forest Manager

Nina Williams is the most recent Forest Manager to join our team. For the last 3 yrs we’ve known her as Woodland Officer, working on woodland conservation amongst other things, for the newly created South Downs National Park.

She brings excellent experience & perspective on woodland management in S.E.England, not to mention expertise from an MSc Land Management & time as an Officer of the Royal Engineers!

Here Nina’s getting stuck in to project management & is already working on accurate GIS mapping of our clients woodlands, keeping us looking forward & bringing us firmly into 21st century forestry.


keith seymour



Meet Keith, the tree whisperer. Keith has been a woodsman since he was an acorn. He has sap in his veins (probably), he can communicate with trees (probably) he knows every tree and sapling in the southeast (probably). He is a fount of knowledge on all things woodland.

Honoured with a Gold Medal for long service by the Royal Forestry Society on behalf of H.M.The Queen – an award  that recognises dedication to work on one woodland for 30 consecutive years.

David Funnell



Forestry Dave is one of a very special duo that labour from dawn ’til dusk, in all weathers to nurture and care for our clients’ forests, woodlands, copses, parklands, ponds, hedgerows and lone trees.

David qualified in Woodland Management from Plumpton College in East Sussex.



Plant operator

Thank goodness we have Matthew on our team! He’s usually to be found working alongside Keith on heavy forestry operations such as culverts & ditch making. road installation, pond creation and rhododendron clearance. Together they make short work of tough projects with a style & finesse that comes from loving what you do and caring about the woodland environment.



Team - Bruce


Forwarder Operator

This is Bruce, operator of the timber forwarder, who works with Yogi on tree harvesting operations. He moves & manages the felled trees to roadside so that timber lorries can take the trees on to sawmills, pulp mills, panel board manufacturers to name just a few.

Bruce & Yogi really come as a pair, they’re a team in the truest sense of the word and we’re lucky to have them with us.

Team - Yogi


Harvester Operator

This is Yogi, operator of the timber harvester. He works with Bruce on tree harvesting operations. He fells the trees, generally softwoods, for thinnings or for clear fells so that woodlands can develop, management plans can be maintained and useful timber can be marketed.

His harvester maybe the tool but he is definitely the brain behind it, making split second decisions on optimum use of the tree, to fulfil multiple specifications of customers, so that all those growing years weren’t for nothing.

Yogi & Bruce are a show stopping duo that we’re proud to have on our team.